We specializes in ssd chemical solution and activation powder for cleaning

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(We specialize in the Cleaning of your

black, spotted, colored, stamped and

Defaced Currency notes)

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We the staff and management of the MPF

Global Laboratory UK do bring your

notice that we are a British Chemical

Private Sector Company that specializes

in the cleaning and handling of defaced

currency notes as well as providing the

chemical of any sort required in the

minting and cleaning of defaced notes.

We have started our operation in Asia

while operating from our embassy high

commissions around Asia as we have no

established office yet in that region

but can always travel to any country we

have a job to do in Asia as soon as job

agreement is concluded over the internet

and telephone because of the constant

demand we get to come and work in some

parts of Asia like India, UAE, Malaysia,

Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, etc.  

It was this incessant demand to come and

work in Asia that has prompted and

motivated us to train and build a team

that their duty is to travel around the

Asian business areas to do the cleaning

or supply job we get from those areas.

Mint Perfect Finishers Global Laboratory

is a multinational laboratory operated

by worldwide Science Associates for the

U.K. Department of Currency (DOC) and

minting solutions. We have staff

strength of approximately 10 senior

scientists, engineers, technicians and

support staff and over 200 guest

researchers annually.

>We undertake the following services:

1- We provide Chemicals for Anti-Breeze

notes viz; SSGs, ASGs, test doses,

finishing doses etc.

2- We clean stained and defaced currency


3- We work on percentage basis of

30%/70% after your job is registered

with us

4- You register with a registration Fee

is £1000 payable on arrival of the

technicians to your country to commence

the job and samples of your defaced

currency(at least 3pieces).

Location ;mumbai

For More Optional Information Contact Us


Call: +98860819485

Tele: 008587924310

Contact: dr.desmond

5- We operate from the Federal Capital

Territory of any country we get a job


Please contact us today to buy cash

cleaning solutions or for cleaning your

deface notes.


Dr.Grey Nilsson
Phone: +447010091251
Email: dr.desmond2015@outlook.com

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