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Vivek Singh
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Gomti Nagar Extension,Sector 4,
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226010
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Handwriting Expert

Fingerprint Expert

10 Digit Fingerprint Chart Preparation

Forensic Biology

Forensic Wild Life Forensics

Forensic Botany

Arson Investigation

Forensic Ballistics Examination

Forensic Toxicology

Forensic Serology

Forensic Pharmacology

Digital Forensic Investigation

Cyber Forensics

Audio Video forensics

Lie Detector Test

Physical Evidence Analysis

Forensic Psychology

Business fraud.

Falsified documents.

Asset misappropriation.

Internal control review and recommendations.

Accounting reconstruction.

Compliance violations and accounting irregularities.

Property infringement.

Hidden assets.

Business failure analysis.

Vendor fraud

Identity Theft analysis service.

Ink analysis service.

Insurance Document analysis.

Legal Document examination.

Mortgage document analysis.

Passport Document analysis.

Photocopy analysis.

Signature analysis on will and lease documents.

Fingerprint comparison

Thumbprint comparison

Palm print comparison

10 Digit Fingerprint chart preparation

Comparison of fingerprints on legal documents

Fingerprint Databank of employees for corporate

Fingerprint Databank for students

Fingerprint Profiling

Fingerprint testimony in courts

Lifting of fingerprints from scene of crime

Corporate Espionage

Employee Verification

Labor Cases

Missing Person Tracing

Personal Detective

Phone Surveillance

Surveillance Detective

Under Cover Detective

Pre Matrimonial Verification

Post Matrimonial Verification

Post Employee Verification

Copyright Solutions

Wealth Verification Services

Divorce Cases

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