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Free advice online on  MARKETING STRATEGY by Prof. Prakash Bhosale ( ex Google )

Are you small business owner, entrepreneur, student, marketing employee? Are you working or looking for free advice or more information on  MARKETING STRATEGY?  It may have very basic queries or may be very complex one on  MARKETING STRATEGY?

You can ask without any hesitation absolutely for free. How online free advices on  MARKETING STRATEGY will help you?

You get instant clarity on  MARKETING STRATEGY?

Because of Online advice you can ask any silly queries, as no one is there to see you.     

It ads external perspective to your views  on  MARKETING STRATEGY.

Best reason to advice or consult is that by small advice miracles can happen.

It will help you to gather right information about  MARKETING STRATEGY, Its problems, Its Cost etc etc .

By right advice & consultation on  MARKETING STRATEGY will save your time  & money.

Before asking questions you must visit below websites to see Prakash Bhosale’s Profile. , , , ,

Terms & Conditions –

  1. You can ask questions by email only. Strictly no phone calls.
  2. You should brief about yourself like your name, what you do , where located etc .
  3. Question must be well described to understand your query.
  4. You can ask only one query in one email
  5. You can expect my reply within 72 hours for sure.
  6. Visit respective website & send email given on website

Why I provide free advice: - I am first generation entrepreneur and very much believer & passionate about it . I started my career with salary of Rs.5400/pm ,  now I am Founder & CEO of company . I want in every home there must be one entrepreneur.  This is a revaluation I started with baby step , I hope you will join me & let other to do so .

I believe & trust the slaying of Buddha  “ There is no wealth like knowledge,

And no poverty likes ignorance” Knowledge Grows When Shared. ebrdpt715


Prof.Prakash Bhosale


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