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Do you remember that old saying, “You don’t know where you are going unless you know where you have been?” That is the essence of evolutionary astrology. By examining your past lives, I am able to uncover the benefits and blockages that have come with you in this incarnation. Often buried deep in the subconscious, they need prodding to wake up and come into your awareness. This process allows you to clear up any negative energy and utilize your karmic rewards so you can experience the most out of this lifetime.

Once done with the past, I look at where you are going – where you soul is seeking to progress in this incarnation. Some people say those who die with the most toys “win” at life. I prefer to think of life as an unfolding of soul consciousness and the “winners” are those who have grown into their real purpose.

Don’t go through life encumbered by karmic blinders. Invest some time in yourself and allow me to help you plot a roadmap through life with an evolutionary birth chart reading. You owe to yourself to get an evolutionary birth chart done. We do not go down the street these days without a GPS so why go through life without similar guidance “from above.” Think of me as your astrological GPS – that little guide that keeps reminding you of your right path.

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