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Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana
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Virtue Training at Bangalore and Hyderabad cities is having 10 year old company training located at Bangalore City in the same premises and is into project orientation cum placement program for the IT Professionals. Our trainees have been placed in top notch companies like TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, IBM, Oracle Corporation, Marvel, GE, CISCO, DELLOITTE CTS, Birla soft, Polaris and Many More….. 


If you are the one looking for your career in IT industry to get an appointment for screening, please call 09739898386(Bangalore) or 09700100015(Hyderabad/Vijayawada) or send your query to jobs@virtuetraining.com. Training will be on Hybris, Oracle ATG, OTM and Adobe CQ5 technologies.


Eligibility Criteria:

BE, B.TECH .MCA 2010/2011/2012/2013 PASS OUTS with any one of the following technology already learnt from anywhere: 

  • NET
  • JAVA

When Do You Want to Collect Your Offer Letter? 

Come to Training Center as a FRESHER* and go with an OFFER LETTER** is our policy. Training Center has placed successfully hundreds of people in top notch companies such as Accenture, Wipro ,TCS , Infosys Polaris, Mahindra Satyam, Marvel and in many leading IT companies in India and abroad successfully for the last 1 0years.

*Fresh graduates passed out on or 2010 - 2013

How it is possible to place 100% all the candidates? (Or) 

What are the reasons that Virtue Training has for 100% placement guarantee? 


Now- a -days many training institutes are advertising that their program is 100% placement guaranteed only with a purpose of cheating the job aspirants. This is possible because they collect money for placement before the placement itself with false promises but we does not collect money for the placement before an offer letter is in your hand. This is because we are confident that in our process you land your first employment with 100% guarantee and no cheating is possible because you are charged for the placement only after you get the job. 

Reason2: ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY – So You Can Trust Us

Our presence in the market is 10 years in the same location. We have placed more than 150 candidates in different technologies like Hybris, Oracle ATG, OTM and Adobe CQ5. Any company cheating the job aspirants will close in one year or blacklisted but we have added strength to our process benefitting the IT job aspirants year after year. 

What is the process followed by Virtue Training? 

Reason3: NO TOM, DICK AND HARRY CAN JOIN OUR PROGRAMME: You cannot get a seat just with your money in our company. 

This program is not for every fresher on the road. There are the selection criteria that we strictly follow before allowing them to our on the job training and we take only 20 candidates per four months in a particular technology and focus on them till they get placed. 

Since we are recruiting only small number of candidates the cheating factor is eliminated because all fraudulent companies employ people in hundreds or thousands. More over we take candidates who have already learnt technologies from other institutes after interview process only. 

Reason4: NO MASS RECRUITMENT, NO BATCHES, And NO SHORT CUTS: So, No backdoor job promises which can burn your parent’s purse. 

Chances to Cheat Job Aspirants are nil because no mass recruitment and no amount is collected for placement in advance from many or any candidates and we don’t promise a Backdoor job and we are not promising you any short cuts and we insist that you should possess the skill sets through our on the job training to sustain in the job. 

We don’t believe in running many batches. Yes on the job training means really you will be on the job for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week to work on the project. We train you on Hr questions and real time questions during our review in our program. Our duration ranges from 3-4 months for single project and then your placement process begin. 

Reason5: NO DUMMY PROJECTS IN YOUR TRANING. ALL LIVE PROJECTS AND CLIENT INETERACTION: You can claim any company that you are an experienced. 

We tell what we do. All our projects are 100% live and we have associated with some of the medium sized companies out sourcing the project to us on continuous basis. We also have senior resources to complete the project in time as per the client’s deadline. And in fact you will have hands on experience in End to End Life Cycle of the Project while you are on the job training program. 

Reason6: YOUR GAP AFTER YOUR STUDY IS YOUR REAL ENEMY: No more search for fake documents and no worry about background verification. 

We understand that a fresher if he/ she are not selected during college campus is not getting many opportunities outside barring a lucky few. Even if they are getting any chance many companies are asking them to pay a hefty sum and exploit them. 

The purpose of’ our Training‘s program is to help candidates who have missed the IT career bus for more than one year after completing their studies. No fresher after 2 years of gap is getting absorbed in top MNCs straightaway as a Fresher. We can fill your knowledge gap and send you as an experienced candidate.

Reason7: WORKING SYSTEM, CODING STANDARD PROJECT RELEVANT TOOLS: Stop worrying that you will be rejected by real time questions. You actually work on real time. 

The training on the job is to the standard of CMMlevel5 and all your working environment and your task are given as per the industry standard. You will be mentored by the real time project lead in case you need any assistance in completing the task. By associating with us first we fill you the knowledge gap which equals to 2 to 3 years of your experience and we challenge any employer in IT industry to assess our trainees that they are fresher. 

Reason 8: WHAT IS THE PROOF THAT YOU HAVE PLACED IN TOP COMPANIES? - Check the list of clients in our site and you will know our strength. 

The candidates who have got their placement through us visit regularly to Training Center and interact and share their experience with the “new on the job trainees”. They also take some live sessions to update you in the technological trends. We don’t think any placement companies are providing such a real proof in their program. 

Reason9: NO SHARING OF YOUR SYSTEM- Timely completion of real time project orientation to get faster and reliable job with a decent salary package. 

At Our Training you are provided with one to one computer system with all original software installation and support you for a speedy learning for the entire duration. All our place candidates are working for a decent salary. Our facility of training cannot be easily duplicated by fake institutes and consultancies which promise you the false placement guarantee because the duplication of our process requires money and effort and also well qualified real time professionals. 


If you are the one looking for your career in IT industry to get an appointment for screening, please call 
09739898386(Bangalore) or 09700100015(Hyderabad/Vijayawada) or send your query to jobs@virtuetraining.com


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