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Coming to my career, I completed MCA post-graduation with over 12 years’ of experience in the field of Information Technology in Web Solutions and Mobile apps division as a freelancer. I excel in web-based applications – be it a plain html site or an interactive portal with online payment gateway. Highly design oriented and I can add a touch of cutting-edge to every project. Also involved in making more website traffic to any type of website, I can undertake SEO/SEM/LB(Link Building). I have never dreamed that I would become a Web Designer, I was interested in business during that time. All of a sudden, one day me and my other 2 friends(staying in bangalore) called to come for bangalore. I learned PHP, Photoshop in bangalore’s room with one of my best friend’s(Ram) help. After 1 month I started my career with a startup company, LeafGrafica as a web developer. Mr.Selinmani gave me the chance and I got very nice boss I really enjoyed working with him for almost 3 years. He is a Net guru for me. Mr.Selinmani (from Kerala) is a very creative Graphic Designer. I consider myself really lucky to have a colleague like him having more than 15 years of experience in graphic designing and painting. I am learning so many creative and marketing things from him. In addition to my friend Prasanth whom I owe a lot of my knowledge in web designing as he was the one who taught me the practical part of web designing. After that joined in Wipro as a Sharepoint designer cum web developer, learned a lot about corporate culture and discipline and team management. Presently I am working for my own as a freelancer with a company name called Virtu Tech Solutions in Bangalore and Hyderabad with some of my best supporting partners from all over the world since August 2009. I was really lucky to work for my own company. All my colleagues there are from different nationalities. I am still learning new things in the field of creativity in designing. I spent more years at corporate companies. After that I realized that now I have gained much experience so should look for new ventures to satisfy my creative yearning and zeal for experimentation. I wanted to work for a company which gives me creative freedom and support my unusual & quirky sense of looking at things. The journey is continuing exploring new heights of designs, challenges and innovations everyday.
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