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The term Alternative Medicine means a system which is not generally considered a part of conventional medicine. This is in contrast to the allopathic system, in which the art of labeling is called “diagnosis” and is considered in very high esteem. Medical diagnosis enables the physician to attach a pre-determined disease classification to the set of symptoms presented by the patient. This makes medical treatment relatively easy because patients can be prescribed drugs according to symptoms which will enslave him to life-long dependence. Symptoms are the end- result of an internal pathological process. If the cause is not removed, as soon as the medication is stopped, the symptoms will re-appear. Holistic medicinal approach is interested in causes and how to eradicate them. It does not cause dependence. On the contrary: it liberates you; by removing the causes, it sets you free from symptoms, from drugs, from disability, from suffering and from dependence on healthcare practitioners. Alternative system holds that the body is the best healer... the only healer! We just have to give it a chance! In the conventional system, sufferers run around from doctor to doctor, sampling various treatments that may be of little or no value to their particular situation, without realizing that practitioners treat patients only in the discipline that they were trained in. But the human body does not function on a fragmental basis. The patient is a whole unit, body, mind and soul, and must be treated as such. Holistic system uncovers the original contributory factors to current problems including the exact cause of the condition that presents itself - and the precise way that the body chooses to benefit most from treatment. This is light years ahead of any “symptom chasing” approach... it is the Holistic approach of the future!
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Alternative Medical Council Calcutta is now a phrase of dream in the field of holistic or natural medicine, those marked for their time-tested efficacy and safety. In conventional system, where health is defined as the absence of disease we think it rather incomplete. We firmly hold the mature view of defining health that it is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. To reach the goal, AMCC has introduced different medical and paramedical courses in this holistic system of medicine. Through it’s courses AMCC is in a decided attempt to establish such a healing system that will truly act either as a substitute of the conventional medicine, where it is adverse to our existence in the long run or complementary to the conventional medicine to accelerate it’s healing power.
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