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Aivot Empowerment School
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Aravindan M
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Old Mahabalipuram Road, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu
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Aivot is a Finnish word, which means brain. We are a new class empowerment school that has set to make difference by changing people life for better. We do this through our various Seminars. Our aim is to make people more empowered than ever before, empowerment gives complete freedom, and freedom is to make your own choice among choices. What human want is choices and freedom to choose, we make people empowered through our various training activities. Our programmes are uniquely designed & Measurable and have Integrated NLP Tools, to make it more powerful and make it permanent in neurology.We make you discover that obstacles that were preventing you from achieving what you want, was a myth and you'll discover a ocean of possibilities.
Aivot designed every programme by integrating the best success codes for that specific training along with appropriate NLP tools and applications. Every Aivot Seminar are result oriented and measurable. Aivot ensures that every participant achieves the purpose that envisioned them to register for the seminar. Aivot had done extensive research on success codes around the globe that worked for most and extensively tested them. Aivot though primary train people for Life Mastery, it also has special focus for students through its workshops like “ Aivot Learner Workshop and Aivot Super Learner Workshop. Aivot also ensures that all its programmes are in alignment with our roots.
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used to improve performance, to help an individual control their emotional state and to stay focussed on what they want achieve in life. Specific Outcomes are produced by using specific NLP techniques and strategies. In Short Neuro-Linguistic Programming empower people to have more choices of what they want in life.And NLP Guides you to arrive you at wise decisions and presage you from going in wrong track or bad decisions.
NLP is short form of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Is a technique of persuading brain behaviour through the use of language and other types of communication to enable a person to "recode" the way the brain responds to stimuli and manifest new and better behaviours.
According to Richard Bandler and John Grinder Founders of NLP, NLP comprises a methodology termed modeling and a set of techniques that were derived from its initial applications by Bandler and Grinder. Many of those methods that have come to be considered fundamental were derived from the initial modeling by Bandler and Grinder of the work of Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls.
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